Monday, April 23, 2007

Big Cats in the UK - An Exclusive

There's Something in the Woods...: Big Cats in the UK - An Exclusive


barkfoot said...

We had sightings of a panther type big cat here north of Birmingham. Saw no tracks or other signs, but there is certainly enough woodland to hide in. Plenty of easily caught bold rabbits and game pheasants all year round. It could easily find enough food without having to come anywhere near any populated areas. I always keep an eye out and a camcorder to hand!

Lesley said...

I would keep an eye out too!

We have mountain lions here, normally they avoid people, but I keep an eye out for them just the same. We also have Bobcats, which I have seen a couple times, they also try to stay away from people.

barkfoot said...

Unfortunately here in England all our dangerous animals have been persecuted to extinction. We used to have wolves, boar, bears, now sadly all gone. The most danger we get is fom rutting deer, the occasional Adder, and some escaped oddities (boar, wild horses, a crocodile, wallabies). Okay, the wallabies are just cute not vicious, and although I spent ages looking for the croc' I never did see it. The top predator here now is the fox. We've got a fox den at the top of the garden, but they're never a problem. The cubs often play with the local cats!
Perhaps a few more big cats would force people to have the respect for the wilds that they sorely need!