Monday, April 23, 2007

Meet James Bond

My name is James Bond, but most of the time I am called Bond or Bondini. I weigh 17 lbs, which the vet said makes me a very big boy. I am a few months older than Kanga, but I came to live here just a couple years ago.
A couple years ago my first people mommy developed really bad asthma and allergies and had to put me outside to live. There was only a small yard there shared by several apartments. Since I had been declawed the other cats and dogs in the neighborhood would chase me away and eat all my food. Lesley had known me since I was a baby and was worried about me, so she brought me home with her.
I love it here! I can go outside, but I am always welcome inside too. I love outside in the warm weather. I have a back porch that is pretty closed in that Sheba and I hang out on. My favorite place outside is the roof. We have steps that go up to the roof, there is also a balcony up there, I can sit up there and watch everything that is going on in the entire neighborhood, there are even soft chairs up there, it is awesome!
Don't think that because I have no front claws that I can't hunt just like my sisters. I have caught rabbits and lots of mice.
Sheba doesn't like me to get too near her and growls and hisses if I do, but we still hang out and love each other, just not too closely. Kanga has been nice to me since I first came here and I love her very much. Pooka is so big and scary looking. I didn't know what to think of her when I first came here and I was a little afraid, but it turned out that she is just a big teddy bear who likes to give kisses. Likes to give her family kisses I should say, she doesn't like other animals in her yard and she chases them away so they don't bother me, the fish or anyone else. The fish don't really do much, but I still love them too!
Enough for now, I must go see if anyone has room in their lap for me.


barkfoot said...

James would get on with my neighbours cat "Lucy". She spends most of her time in my garden hassling the birds but loves to sneak inside to sit in the warm watching the two large koi in the aquarium! You can see a not very good photo of her on the post "Murder..." on my blog. Claws still very much intact she bought me a shrew as a present only this morning. Hunting aside she is always welcome and a good friend.

barkfoot said...

Hello again, just came across you on the net yet again! you're everywhere! It was a gardening question, but I couldn't answer as I wasn't a member on such site.
Aside from my normal trade I was also asked by a client to help out with the maintenance of a property. It was one of Englands old fashioned houses with 3 acres of garden. Originally looked after by a 'live in' gardener plus assistant, for many years it had become less cultivated as the one elderly gardener (Dennis) was unable to cope. The grounds were in much need of rejuvination. There were many Iris' which had become 'blind'. Iris' come in three types..Rhizome, bulbous and cushion (bulbous but small & grouped). If rhizome (swollen looking roots but not a bulb), then lift them after they should have flowered, keep them dry without soil and then plant in autumn/fall but before first frosts. If bulbous, leave in ground but protect from frosts with composted leaves or straw. Cushion Iris' need to be left in situe, protected from frost and are particularly suseptable to damp. Try and keep them dry through out winter but leave them to their own devices in spring.
Hope this helps. Difficult to give a calender as UK is not the same as USA. Any way our seasons have gone completley haywire lately (no winter, crazy summer warming is here!)

Lesley said...

Thanks! I will try that. I think they are Rhizome, but I will have to make sure.
Finally, a couple days ago one of the new ones I planted a couple years back bloomed. Maybe I will try planting a few more new ones too.