Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Meet Kanga

My full name is Lady Kanga, most everyone just calls me Kanga, but my mom sometimes calls me the little Tsarina. I am 5 1/2 years old.

Unlike Sheba and Pooka, I don't have any sad abandonment story. I was born to my cat mommy who is named Hoochie, she belongs to my people mommy's sister, Becky. I was lucky, out of all my brothers and sisters my people mommy picked me! I was the runt and my brothers and sisters used to push me around a lot, so I was happy to come live here. At that time there was just Sheba and Pooka. Sheba was pretty mean to me when I was a baby, she still is really grumpy, but I just ignore her. Pooka is nice though, she always gives me kisses and lets me rub on her. I love them both (yes, grumpy Sheba too) and my brother James Bond and the fishies.

I don't really like going outside like Sheba and Bond. Once when I was very young I did something stupid, I managed to sneak out of the house while someone had the door open. Nobody knew and I end up being locked out there the entire night and part of the next day until they finally found me hiding in a pile of carpet samples. So now I don't like going out because I am afraid I will be locked out, but I do go out a little while each day with my mommy, it is OK if she is out there.

Just because I stay inside doesn't mean I am not a great hunter. When the addition to our house was built some mice got in and I tracked down each and every one of them. The bad part is that we no longer have any mice for me to play with because I got them all. My claim to fame isn't that though, it is the bull snake I got. He must have crawled in when a door was open or when the addition was built and I found him one night while mommy and daddy were sleeping. I had to protect them even though he was quite big. I didn't actually kill him, but he was pretty messed up and daddy said he doubted he would make it and they put him outside.

I guess that is all for now. I must go clean my paws again, they get so dirty using this darn keyboard!

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