Sunday, April 15, 2007

Meet Pooka

Hello! I am Pooka. About me, I am part chow chow and nobody is sure what else, I am a girl, around 7 years old, weigh about 85 lbs and have lovely red hair and huge teeth. Pictured with me is my favorite toy, everyone calls it baby pooka.

My story is kind of like Sheba's, I also was abandoned. Someone dropped me off out on Route 66. It was hot that day and I was so thirsty from wandering around and wondering where my people had went. A long time later, I really thought I was hallucinating, but I heard running water! I followed the sound and carefully approached where it was coming from, there was nobody around and there was a huge pond full of water! I couldn't believe my luck! There were also fish in the pond and I was hungry, but I decided to leave them alone since it was their pond and they were nice enough to let me drink from it. I didn't want to wander too far away from the pond, it was too hot to be without water, so I went and laid in the shade of a truck that was parked in the same yard. Eventually I heard people inside the house, which was kind of scary. Eventually they came outside and saw me. There were no dog smells at this house so I thought maybe they didn't like dogs and would yell at me to go away. They talked about me a bit and then went back inside. Hours later they came back out and started talking again, it was then I heard the lady say something that gave me hope, she said "I bet the poor thing is starving." Then she went into the house, the man tried to get me to come to him, but I was too afraid. The lady returned from the house with a huge plate of cat food! Cat food is delicious! She asked if I was hungry and told me to come over and get it. I hesitated for a couple moments, but then realized that I was too hungry to ignore her and I went to her and devoured the plate of food. That was about 6 years ago and I have been here ever since. They didn't hate dogs, they just didn't know they needed one until I showed up.

Let me say this about Sheba, she is grumpy, but she is also the best hunting buddy in the world and I have learned to love her. One night she caught at least 6 baby bunnies and only ate a tiny bit of each and gave me the rest. They were so delicious that they made me sick for nearly a week and I had to stay at the vet one of those nights, but I would probably do it again.

I love Kanga, Bond and all the fish too and I am sure I will have more stories about all of them in the future.

So long for now!

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