Sunday, April 15, 2007

Meet Sheba

I get the first post because I am the oldest. I am 18 years old in human years, which is way old in cat years. I am often grumpy with the young ones, but that is so they can learn manners. They are always jumping and running around, such children! I pretend to hate the other cats, but to tell the truth, they are sometimes entertaining. Pooka the dog gives me no trouble because she is smart enough to fear me and stay away. Good old Pooka! The fish are really nice too!

Now about how I came to be with my parents: Someone, it is too long ago for me to remember who, left me in the back of my mom's pick up truck. She was allergic to cats, but I was so tiny and cute that she couldn't resist me. Within a short while she had become immune to me and only strange cats made her sneeze. We have been together ever since. For many of those years I was the only pet. Ah, those were the days!

I am sometimes called the miracle cat because I fell asleep in the truck engine and daddy didn't know and turned it on. They rushed me to the vet, but except for a couple cuts and losing a couple teeth I was perfectly OK.

Over the years I have helped out my humans by killing literally hundreds of mice and other creatures. Sure they were all outside, but I kept them from getting in and I still do. Well, except that time I brought in the dead lizard without them knowing. I left it as a present at the foot of their bed, they were thrilled beyond words. In my old age I have become a bit deaf and a little slower, but I can still take any mouse you throw at me.

Thanks for dropping by my blog! OK, our blog. I must get some sleep now.

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