Friday, May 25, 2007

Catnip is a good thing!

My mommy has been all into plants lately. For the most part I think they are a waste of time, but the other day she came home with plants and two of them were fresh catnip. Not the dried kind, which is good, but this was the really fresh stuff. I am afraid that Sheba and I may have already destroyed those plants, but they were so delicious to roll on. Even Kanga came out for a while, she didn't roll in the catnip, apparently she thinks she is too good for that, instead she took a couple little bites out of the leaves. I was thinking it would be really nice if mom planted a whole field of catnip, like the poppy field in The Wizard of Oz. Oh well, back to my look out on the roof.

Posted by J. Bond


barkfoot said...

You'd love it here, catnip/catmint grows wild in the hedgerows!
You be careful on that roof after all that catnip!

Lesley said...

I bet you have some happy cats around there!