Monday, May 7, 2007

Sheba's New Hairdo

Early this morning Sheba was put in the cat carrier and mom took her away. I thought it was probably Sheba's turn to get shots, better her than me. Mom came home without her and I got a bit worried. Sheba is grumpy, but that is no reason to get rid of her. Then early in the evening mom left and returned with Sheba. I was happy she had returned, but much to my horror she was almost completely bald! She is a long haired cat and she had become quite matted over the winter and had to be shaved. Thank God I am a short haired cat!

Posted by Lady Kanga


barkfoot said...

We are lucky, like you I'm short haired. It saves all that bother of getting matted and fur balls. Best stay away from Sheba for a bit she likely to be extra grumpy!
I know you're nervous about going outside, I've been locked out myself, but there's a whole garden of excitement out there waiting to be explored. Just keep your eye on the 'uprights' and check they don't go to bed and forget you. Best of luck..

Lesley said...

I always stay away from Sheba!

I do go outside almost every day with the people. I am trying to get brave enough to go alone because they scare away all the mice.