Saturday, May 12, 2007

Some of mom's iris' bloomed this year and she is pretty happy about that. Those are her purple and red ones, but also she had some yellow and the ones called almost black that bloomed too. I am also enjoying the spring time! Soon it will get really hot and only be nice enough to go outside at night, but right now it is almost perfect. Today I went out and laid on the wall under a tree and stalked birds. I didn't catch any, but I wasn't really trying, I was mostly just enjoying the day. I must go join Kanga now, she is crying for food and that almost always works, which means I will get some too!

Posted by Bond

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barkfoot said...

Wow, your mom was worried about those iris', but they look fantastic (love those red ones)!
Some days are for being lazy, you can't hunt every day. Especially if Kanga is on the case getting some easy 'nosh'!
Here it is still cool, but soon it will get warmer , not really hot but humid and difficult to sleep at night. Probably be sleeping outside some nights which my cat friends think is good fun!
Lucy says Hi!