Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wild thing!

I found this link at Nick's Blog. I had never seen or heard of these Scottish wildcats before. They are adorable! I want one!

Daily Express: The World's Greatest Newspaper :: Express Yourself :: Wild thing!


barkfoot said...

I've only ever seen these in captivity. At first glance they just look like a tom cat, but then you realise how big it is. Wide paws and robust looking, with a really rugged coat. Very cute, but would give you a scare if it stuck its head through your cat flap!

Lesley said...

The article says they are twice the size of a house cat. So I would guess they are a bit smaller than the bobcats we have here.

I read a few months ago, that some lady had found what she thought was an injured house cat. She loaded it in her car and took it to a vet. Luckily, it didn't wake up as she drove it to the vet because it was a adult bobcat. I guess she was not a cat person or she would have noticed that was far too large to be a house cat.