Monday, June 11, 2007

Meet Froggie

He is a shy little guy and hides under the water each time I try to get his photo, but I did manage to get one. It is probably good that he is shy, the ones I raised from tads were so tame that I could pet them and they didn't realize that there were things, like dogs, that would hurt them. Of course, we also didn't have Pooka when they were growing up.

I really need to do something about all that algae that has sprung up in the pond.


barkfoot said...

We put a small bundle of barley straw in the pond. The bacteria harboured on it use up all the nitrogen that the algea needs to thrive. Easy, cheap and won't harm any garden friends.

Lesley said...

I will have to try that. I am afraid of any chemicals, even when they say that they are safe for fish. The fish seem to actually like all the algae, or I would have got rid of it sooner. It is really only in one part of the pond, but it can also get kind of smelly.