Monday, June 11, 2007


We have a huge Mulberry tree in our yard. Right now it is brimming with mulberries. Apparently a lot of people don't like the berries, but I love them, especially when they turn that almost black color. The birds, squirrels and various other animals seem to love them a lot too, which is good because there is no way I could even begin to pick the amount of berries on that tree. I do wish I knew how to make mulberry wine though.


barkfoot said...

I love Mulberries. There is a large one overhanging the walled gardens of a hall nearby. We often go 'scrumping' there. When we were kids my dad used to be into making wine, I'll ask him how to go about it. The only downside of Mulberries is the way they stain your hands pink!

Lesley said...

Strangely there are a lot of people around here that hate Mulberries. I don't know how anyone could hate them, they are yummy!

I get the stain under my fingernails, it turns black and looks really icky. I don't care.