Monday, June 25, 2007

Please remember to protect your pets during these warm months

There has already been 1 case of plague, not too far from my house. There are a couple things you can do to keep yourself and your pets safe.
Make sure that your pets are protected from fleas, slip a flea collar on them or give them monthly drops (I recommend Frontline drops). The problem with the drops is that you must remember them every month, whereas a flea collar lasts for 5 months or so.
Never touch a dead animal. If you must remove or bury a dead animal, make sure your body is covered, as much as possible, use a shovel to lift it and hold it as far away from yourself as possible. If it is a large animal call the local wildlife authorities to remove it.


Rodrigo said...

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barkfoot said...

PLAGUE?! Do you mean Bubonic plague? We English get a bit het up about the plague, it wiped out 1/4 of the population in the 1300's. I didn't realise there were still outbreaks any where. I know there was a bad outbreak in China in 1850's but I thought anti-biotics had put pay to plague.
Is it your warm climate that allows it to survive?

Lesley said...

Yes, I do mean Bubonic Plague. Every year here in NM there are at least a couple known cases. Those are normally people. Who knows how often wild animals die of it or even pets that aren't taken to the vet for examination?

I would imagine it is the climate, though I confess that I am not really sure about that.

Anonymous said...

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