Monday, July 16, 2007

Cats and Green Olives

My cats react pretty much the same way to green olives as they do catnip. I haven't a clue why. At least it isn't just them, as you can tell in this video, other cats like green olives too.


barkfoot said...

I'm defineately going to try olives on the local cats!

Theresa said...

Olives are very high in oleic acid. Cats emit a pheromone from their facial glands made largely of oleic acid. Ever had a cat rub it's cheeks up against you? Oleic acid actually makes them feel calm -- look up the ingredients of Feliway, the synthetic cat behavior pheromone - mostly oleic acid.

Lesley said...

Thanks Theresa! I searched the entire internet trying to figure out why that was and nobody seemed to know. Glad that question is finally answered!