Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hair Again!

Yeah, you may remember that my mom had me shaved because of all my mats a couple months ago, but even at my age, hair does grow back. Thank Goodness! I think I look pretty good for 18 years old. I have my problems like my back legs are a bit arthritic, but I am still damn good looking! I will be even more good looking when my hair completely finishes growing back.

Thanks to my mom and dad for getting me shaved, I didn't look so hot with the mats and they were irritating.

I have also been enjoying the summer. I have been all over the yard, though these days I mostly stick to the shade on the back porch. Bond hangs out with me a lot, which is cool, so long as he keeps his distance. I don't want him touching me and the other day he nearly kissed me, that was scary. Kanga even comes out sometimes now, what is up with that? She used to always stay inside, which if you ask me, is where she belongs. Oh well, at least she doesn't come out on my back porch very often.

I must go curl up in my nice fluffy bed now.

1 comment:

barkfoot said...

KISSING!? What was Bond thinking? It's that new haircut making you unresistable.
I know it seems odd Kanga coming outside all of a sudden, but perhaps you should encourage it, it's always useful to have a lookout while you're sleeping.