Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

This is Kanga and I am wishing you a happy 4th of July on behalf of all the pets and the pet mommy!
The pet mommy is not going to Roswell. That makes all of us pets very happy because she will be here to make sure we are fed on time.
My summer has been going very nicely. I have been spending a lot more time outside, by myself, especially in what is known as Kanga's Garden. That is the little walled in garden between the old house and new addition, that I used to watch the mice and shrews play in. There is now one less shrew out there, thanks to me! Mommy knew it was me that got it because I never eat them. I just like to play with them until they stop playing, but I don't think they taste good at all.
It is very very hot here lately. Too hot to do anything, but sleep during the day, even with the AC on.
It has finally got dark and cooled down, time for me to go out hunting! See ya later.

Posted by Kanga


barkfoot said...

Hoped you enjoyed your 4th July. Kangas garden sounds great. That hot weather must be difficult to cope with, I find our humid summers a bit too much and I haven't got any fur....well, not much!
Happy hunting!

Lesley said...

We don't have much humidity, but it does get really hot.
It makes me so tired when it is hot, or when it is cold, or when it is in between.

- Kanga