Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Updates on the Pets

I am starting to think that Mr Froggie has moved on. He is very shy and dives under the water when I go near the pond, but I haven't seen him or heard him for about a week now. Maybe he was just passing through. I still have no clue where he came from. We also lost a fish from the pond last week, one of the big white ones. I have no idea what killed him, but at least it wasn't contagious and all the other fish are fine.

All 3 cats are out on the back porch hanging out together right now. It is so nice to see Kanga going outside finally, after she was afraid to for all those years. I know how much she loves to hunt things and catching moths in the house probably got pretty boring. Bond seems fascinated that Kanga is finally going outside with him, but he keeps a watchful eye on her, like she is a little kitten that he has to train about the outside world. Maybe he does? She hasn't spent much time outside and it is sweet of him to watch out for her.

Pooka is doing well, but could really use a trip to the groomers. I hate dropping her off there because she always looks at me like I am abandoning her to some sort of hell hole, even though I know she loves baths and being brushed. She seems to think that I should do that stuff, but with all her hair it is way more work than I can handle.

All of the pets seem to hate the hot days and I totally agree with them!


barkfoot said...

Sorry to hear about the fish. Hope it's not all that algea causing a problem, sometimes it can effect the amount of oxygen in the water, are the fish at the surface looking for air?
Glad Kanga has discovered the great outdoors, looks like she has some good freinds to look out for her.
Just looked at the weather forecast and it look really hot there, 30c +!! We make a fuss if it gets above 25c. I don't mind the sun, but I don't like it really hot and especially not if it is humid as well. I become nocturnal when the weather is too much!

Anonymous said...

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