Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bears, Dreams, Chow Chows and so on

Britton built this cute thingie in our yard last week. It probably won't stay there once we find a better place for it, but he finally found a use for our bears that have been laying around the yard for months.
I don't know if those bears had anything to do with it, but last week I had a strange dream about grizzly bears coming into the yard. The strange thing about it (other than we don't have grizzly bears around here) is that they were black and white like Panda bears and really friendly.

Pooka has a new friend. There is another chow chow dog in the neighborhood. It looks to be full chow, unlike Pooka who is part golden retriever and it is smaller than she is. They let it out sometime after midnight each night and it comes by and they have a great time chasing things out in park lands together. I have been kind of wanting another dog and was hoping it was a stray since they get along so well, but it seems to be on a schedule and looks well fed, so I guess not.

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barkfoot said...

I like your pergola, are you going to grow anything up it? They look good with roses, but I expect it's a little dry there for them.
Glad to hear Pookas got a friend. Shame he couldn't be a permanent guest.