Friday, August 3, 2007

Up in the mountains

It was a great day and my mom and dad decided to take me up into the mountains!!! That is one of my very favorite things! First we stopped and got some food, which was yummy and then we drove higher up for our walk. I was having a great time, until all of the sudden there were all these loud pops. Because of the loud pops we had to leave early and I didn't get a proper walk. There was a good reason for it though and you can read about that at my mom's blog. Mom was pretty scared, but I probably would have kept walking if it were up to me, although I didn't like the loud pops either.

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barkfoot said...

Sorry about your walk Pooka. Unfortuneatly not all humans are nice and sometimes Mom knows best, that's why she's got the end of the lead with the loop on it!