Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Day, by Pooka

Things seemed to start out well. I got real excited when I heard that we were going bye bye. I had imagined that we would be going to the mountains, maybe the lake and if I were not that lucky at least to visit someone or hang out on the coffee shop patio where I could meet new people. None of that could be further from the truth, we ended up at the vet and not even my regular vet. Mom and Dad were worried about how I keep shaking my head and that I had something stuck in my ear and since they couldn't see the regular vet until next week, they took me to a new one, which made me more nervous than normal. First the new vet looked in my ears and I didn't like that, but then she looked at my butt which was worse. She discovered that I had been catching rabbits again and that I had worms from that again. I can't help it, they are so tender and delicious, worms are a small price to pay. Things got even worse though because she discovered my anal glands were full and she popped them. It was all so horrible, it would have been bad enough with my regular vet that I somewhat like, but a complete stranger was too terrible for words. My ears were fine, just a little dirty. I guess that will teach me to not shake my head so much.
Some good things happened after that, like when we got home mom gave me my worm medicine inside a peanut butter ball. Kanga realized that I had been tormented and gave me extra kisses and rubs and dad gave me lots of treats.
I will survive, but I hope I never have to go to the vet again.

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barkfoot said...

Oh dear, that 'bottom' thing doesn't sound very nice. Glad you're back and everything's OK. Maybe now Mom can put on her bullet proof vest and try for another walk in the mountains!