Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My New Do!

I am not very good at holding still so this is the best picture my mom got of me since I got back from the groomers.
The groomer was pretty fun, way better than the vet. She gave me a bath, brushed me, cut some of my hair and brushed my teeth.
It is nice to be rid of that hot hair and mom likes it because the house isn't covered in hair that I shed.


barkfoot said...

You look very smart. Of course when you get into the car, you don't know whether it going to be the vets, mountains or groomers, it's the gamble you have to take, and Mommys got such a good 'poker face'.

Johann The Dog said...

You look very good!!! But the big question -- how do you smell? BOL!

Woof, Johann