Friday, August 24, 2007

Portuguese Man o War found in Cornwall

I guess this is a big deal. I remember being in Palm Beach, Florida during Man O' War season and there were literally hundreds of these washed up on the beach. You really had to not only wear shoes, but be careful of where you walked because from what the lifeguard told me they still can sting you even though they are dead. Creepy Creatures!
Portuguese Man o War found in Cornwall | Practical Fishkeeping magazine

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barkfoot said...

We are so used to all the British animals being completely harmless that when something slightly dangerous turns up we all get overexcited! We have always had oddities wash up on the SW coast due to the North Atlantic drift, but just lately it's been dangerous stuff. We're not too happy about Great Whites turning up, but it does make surfing a little more 'edgy'!