Saturday, August 4, 2007

Wide Awake!

My mom finally got that picture she has always wanted, me with my tongue sticking out. Really I was protecting the stuff she was cleaning out of the drawer until she found somewhere else to put it and only pretending to be sleeping with my tongue sticking out. Wouldn't that scare you, a cat sticking out it's tongue at ya? You wouldn't bother her stuff if you saw that, right?
Did I mention that is my favorite rug? So comfortable that I could almost fall asleep with my tongue sticking out, but that didn't happen. As you can see my eyes were wide open when she took the picture.

1 comment:

barkfoot said...

The sticking your tongue out works well enough for the Maoris! Very menacing, well done resisting the temptation to nod off on the comfy rug.