Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lions and Zoos

I hope everyone likes my new banner photo, it is one of my favorite photos that I have ever taken. I think it must have been near Mr Lion's dinner time because he was roaring up a storm. I also love the way Mrs Lion's eyes are glowing in the background. I don't know about lions at other zoos, but the male one at our zoo is quite a show off. I have never been there that he did not seem to be trying to entertain the crowd and loving the attention that he was getting. I know some will say that wild animals are unhappy in zoos, but I really have never got that feeling from any of the animals at my local zoo.

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barkfoot said...

That's a great picture, I particularly like the glowing eyes.
It seems some animals are more suited to zoo life. Lions seem quite content to sleep and the fact that they are in an enclosure makes no difference to them. It's very often the Panthers etc, the predators that in the wild would spend a lot more time roaming that don't do as well.
Some of the animals positively relish zoo life, monkeys, Meercats, parrots and the like would probably miss watching the humans.