Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pooka Goes to Paako

Dad decided we should go out for lunch today and he decided to go somewhere that I could also go. We went up higher in the mountains to a place called Paako. It is a pretty ritzy neighborhood with it's own golf course. We walked the golf cart road and then over to the pond. No I didn't pee on the greens. Humans worry about that a lot, but it didn't happen. After that we sat outside at the little cafe and had lunch. The girls that worked there were very nice. They brought me water, petted me and told me how pretty I am. Mom and Dad shared some of their lunch with too. It was a lovely day!

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barkfoot said...

That looks lovely up there. Glad you had some human lunch and got all the extra petting. Those golf greens are hard to's hard to walk past those freshly raked sand bunkers, they're just asking for it.