Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cat Jumps 60 Feet After 10 Days In Tree

The reason cats sometimes can't get down from tree is because of the way there claws are shaped which make it really easy to go up a tree, but not easy to get down. I am glad this kitty ended up being OK.
Cat Jumps 60 Feet After 10 Days In Tree - Bakersfield News Story - KERO Bakersfield


barkfoot said...

Poor little chap. I'm pleased to say that the UK fire service will come out and rescue cats, which I find reassures my faith in human kind.
Many a time I've had to rescue neighbours kittens from trees. You climb up and grab them but they will not let go. Eventually when you pull them free they transfer their grip to your head. Wearing your new 'cat hat' you make your way back down, only for them to jump free at about 10 feet and run off as if it was all your fault anyway. Don't you just love them?..

Lesley said...

Sheba used to climb way up trees and then be afraid to come down. She always eventually came down though. Normally if there was food below she would find a way. A cat coming down a tree is not nearly as graceful as one going up.:-)