Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas: The best day of the year!

Christmas eve is wonderful too! On that day mom bakes turkey so she can just heat it up on Christmas and not have to worry. I always get some turkey on Christmas eve, a little bit of cookies too. Even Kanga likes turkey and she doesn't normally care for people food.
Christmas morning after mom wakes up she says "I wonder if Santa left anything for the babies?" That means me, Kanga and James Bond.
Kanga and Bond got treats, a furry thing on a string and some fluffy mice that had something inside that makes them crazy, it is called catnip. They were not still enough with their toys to get their pictures taken.
I got a stocking full of toys as you can see from the picture and also a bone! Not one of those rawhide bones either, a real bone! The bone was delicious and the toys are really great too.
Later the family comes over. That is exciting too because I love when people come to visit. When they have dinner I always get bites of their food! The little person that they call Ricky often drops yummy stuff on the floor that I clean up for him.
By the time the family had left I was completely exhausted. I curled up and dreamt of next Christmas.

Posted by Pooka "the big red dog"


barkfoot said...

A real bone?! That's a great present, Santa must have thought you've been extra good this year and deserved something special. Watch out for Kanga and Bond they can get rather wild when they've been on the catnip.

Johann The Dog said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas, aren't bones wonderful!!! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Woofs, Johann