Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dean Koontz - Thank You!

Best selling author Dean Koontz was Ian Punnett's guest last night on c2c. His dog recently passed away and he mostly talked about the human-pet bond. He made a point of saying that his dog dying was the worst experience of his life and that it effected him more than his mother or father's death. A bit later, a lady called and said the sentence that I often say or a close approximation of it "I am sorry to say that the loss of my pet effected me more than the loss of most humans I know that have died." Dean told her there was no reason to feel sorry about that. How could you not feel the loss of someone who has always treated you kindly? Human don't always treat you kindly even if they love you.

I spent much of last week missing Sheba and feeling slightly guilty that I found her death equally as hard as when my sister died last year. In some ways it has been far worse, Sheba lived with me, I saw her on a daily basis and there are many things here in my house to remind me of her. I have not yet been able to bring myself to throw away her special food, her bed, or her bowl.

On the bright side, I had a dream last week that I woke up to find her at the door. I let her in and she looked well and healthy, like she did when she was much younger. Britton and I were amazed and went outside to check her grave, she had apparently come back to live and dug her way out of it. I feel that dream was her way of telling me that she isn't really dead, she still survives in an afterlife and I will see her again. I sure hope so.

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