Monday, January 21, 2008


Yeah, so now I think I can talk about it.

Losing a pet you have had for 18 years, especially when that is nearly half your life is quite a blow. I have finally got past the point where I wake up in the morning and go downstairs and automatically look around for her only to quickly realize she won't be there, but I do still occasionally find myself looking for her.

Sheba was abandoned in the back of out truck all those years ago and I send blessings to whoever left her there.

Much of the time she seemed to think she was a dog. She would go with us on very long walks, even in snow that was almost as high as she was.

She was a very vocal cat and had a sound when you would come home from somewhere that sounded almost exactly like hello.

She was a great friend and always there to comfort anyone in the house that was not feeling well, including our dog Pooka.

She loved to cuddle.

Although she pretended not to like the other cats at all I am pretty sure that was not the case. I think she truly cared about them, but didn't want them too close. She had a love affair with a neighbor cat years ago that ended with him being run over by a car and I don't think she ever really forgot that. She always seemed worried about the other cats and what they were doing.

Before we had Pooka she protected the house from all others and did a damn good job of it. She could always scare any cat or any sized dog away. She was that frightening when she was angry. In her younger days she was also quite large, like a human she seemed to shrink with age. She attacked a couple of our guests from time to time and as time went by we found out she had been right in doing so.

She was a fantastic hunter. Even in the last month of her life I saw her grab a running mouse with the most incredible speed imaginable.

I know somewhere in my photo albums I have tons of pics of her when she was young and at her most beautiful, but I can't seem to find them. That is OK, even as an old cat she was lovely. She was also smart, loyal, protective, loving and everything you could hope for from any pet and more than you could hope for from most humans.

RIP my little princess! I will join you one day and be thrilled to see you again, but not just yet.


Crow said...

Nice tribute.
I, too, look forward to the day when I will see Chiqi again so we can play together for all of eternity.

barkfoot said...

You gave Sheba a wonderful life, from the day she landed in the back of your truck it sounded like she was a happy cat. I'm sure she will be always missed, but I'm glad to hear that you and maybe the other pets are finding life bearable once more.