Monday, February 18, 2008

Chinese Mountain Cat

I always find myself fascinated by cats and yesterday the animal of the day (a widget in the sidebar) was the Chinese Mountain Cat. I had never heard of these cats before. According to the info they don't really live in the mountains, but in the flatlands, among the bamboo.

They are a wild cat no bigger than my house cats. They weight 15-20 lbs fully grown and my cat, James Bond, weights 18 lbs. Though Lady Kanga is only about 10 lbs.

The ears very much remind me of my dearly departed Sheba and I would be willing to bet these cats could be fairly easily domesticated. However, as things are now they are very much endangered.

Maybe I am wrong about domestication, but it seems to me that it is probably one of the few options these poor cats have if they are to survive. I know that I would gladly take one or more. :-) I would find it hard to have many worries over another cat the size of James Bond.

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