Sunday, February 3, 2008

What James Bond has been up to

A big hello to all my fans! I am sorry I have been neglecting you lately, but mom has been a complete computer hog and also I have been busy. It has been rather cold so I haven't been outside as much. Instead I have been helping my dad in his art studio. You can see me helping right there in the picture. He so loves having me to help! I am not sure how he manages when it is warm and I am outside playing, but at least he has me on these cold days.

Kanga, Pooka and everyone here are doing fine.

I must get back to helping now, but it was nice talking to everyone again.

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barkfoot said...

It's nice to see you are developing your artistic side as well as still finding the time to help out dad (he would be lost without you). Come spring he is going to miss you sitting on the keyboard to keep it warm for him.