Friday, April 4, 2008

About Becky and Hoochie

I can't believe my people mom forgot to tell you that Hoochie Mama, now known as Snowflake, is my real mommy.

She gave birth to me on Becky's bed, while she was sleeping. Becky people mom's sister, not the cat. Becky sure was surprised when she woke up and found all us kittens cuddled up with Hoochie next to her head. I am really sorry about Becky dying, but I am happy that my people mom saved my cat mom and her friend Becky the cat from maybe being killed. I also really really thank the nice people at the New Mexico Animal Humane Association for taking them and helping them find a new home or homes.

I hope my cat mom Hoochie and her friend Becky find really great and loving homes like I have. I am sure they will. I have never met Becky the cat, but my people mom tells me that she is super nice and fun to play with.

My cat mom Hoochie is looking pretty good in that photo. She actually looks better than last time I saw her. Having so many kittens made her sick but now she looks all healthy and pretty.
Anyhow, just wanted to say how happy I am that Hoochie Mama and Becky the Cat are safe and wish them they very best!

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