Monday, April 7, 2008

Cat at Dusk

Yesterday evening right around dusk we took Pooka for a walk. It wasn't dark out, you could still see well enough to walk with no flashlight or anything, but it was getting near dark. We came around a corner and I looked off into a field because the shape of a cat caught my eye. There in the field, about 20 yards away was the shape of a cat -- a big cat. It was sitting there staring at us. Much like my house cats sit and stare. It wasn't light enough for me to make out any details like color. I froze and stared at it and then it ran away into some brush where I could no longer see it. Neither Britton or Pooka even noticed it.

Although I don't see them often I do sometimes see Bobcats, normally very early in the morning. However, this cat seemed much bigger. Bobcats really aren't that much larger than James Bond, my black and white cat. Bond weighs about 20 lbs and male Bobcats normally weigh around 30, so they are bigger than domestic cats, but not as big as what I saw. Mountain Lions (cougars) weigh between 120 - 150 lbs.

The only other time I have seen a mountain lion in the wild was once while riding the tram up Sandia Mountain and there was one roaming a canyon below. There was no way for that one to get to me. Yesterday was different, it kind of takes your breath away to realize you were that close with nothing between you and something so powerful. Mountain Lions rarely attack humans, but it does happen.

Then again, maybe my mind exaggerated the size and it was really only a Bobcat. Or maybe it was a phantom cat. :-)

Sadly not enough time to turn on my camera and raise it to my eye before it darted away.


barkfoot said...

Now that's cool. I don't suppose there were any prints at all?
I can see we will have to fit you with a 24hr headcam to ensure we get some footage!

Lesley said...

I wanted to go back and check for prints and didn't get time. Now it has rained so they are probably washed away.