Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Springing the Fish Pond

It has been very lovely during the day here lately. As you can see James Bond is enjoying the Spring very much.

Yesterday we turned the fountain back on in the pond. In the winter it is too cold for me to want to mess with it, so when it eventually gets too clogged it is shut off until spring. Not to worry, the fish get a stream of fresh water drizzling down into the pond from the hose above. The fish were thrilled to have the fountain back on though. The pond is a mess. I don't know how so much algae can grow in the cold winter. Then there is all the leaves and other such stuff that the wind blew in. Today I will have to try to get some of the excess cleaned out. Right now I have the hose on a faster stream to hopefully flush out some of the icky stuff.

Spring has some of it's own chores, but I am always so happy that winter is over that they don't even seem like chores.


Regan Lee said...

Your cat looks just like my cat Roswell! I'll have to send you a pic of him.

How do you keep raccoons, etc. out of your pond? We have a tiny pond or "water feature," lol -- we can't keep fish because of the raccoons.

Lesley said...

I have had trouble with raccoons from time to time and even lost a couple fish to them. I think they were new to the neighborhood, once they realize Pooka will terrorize them if they come in her yard they normally decide it isn't worth it.