Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Thank You

I have been meaning to write this for a while. I owe a great amount of thanks to the NM Animal Humane Association.

As some of you know, my sister passed away unexpectedly a couple weeks ago. Her 2 cats were taken to an animal shelter where they would have been killed if they were not quickly adopted. At first I wasn't quite sure what to do about that. I couldn't let them be killed, but I also didn't feel that I could give enough attention to 2 more cats. If there was anything I knew my sister would want from me it was that her cats would be taken care of somehow.

Luckily Britton and I give most of our charity money to the animal humane association and it just so happened that right around then we received a nice thank you note from them. I asked if he would call and see if they would take the cats and they said yes. I drove to Los Lunas and picked them up. When I arrived there they were in separate cages Hoochie Mama, my sisters 8 year old was very frightened and hissing, the little one was crying and I couldn't wait to get them out of there. After getting back home Britton and I took them to their temporary home at the Humane Society which will find them good permanent homes and hopefully they might even be able to stay together and go to the same home.

After checking them in we were given a tour of the entire place. I was very impressed. They have a state of the art vet for low income people, training areas for the dogs, walking and play areas, a playroom for the cats, everything was very sanitized. You had dip your shoes in sanitizer before entering any of the pet areas.

By the time we got ready to leave I got to see my sister's cats settled in their cage. They were together and happy. No hissing or crying. They seemed totally calm and happy. It wasn't great to see them in a cage, but I know that during the day they will receive attention and be let out of there for periods of time and most importantly that they will find good homes. If one or both don't find a permanent home soon enough it will be given a foster home where it will stay until it is adopted or forever if not.

In the midst of everything being able to know that the cats would be OK made me very happy. We will continue to give the bulk of our charity money to them. There is no way I can ever thank them enough.

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