Monday, May 26, 2008

Lady Kanga Update

Hi everyone!

The most exciting thing happened on Saturday night! A mouse got in the house! There hasn't been a mouse in the house in years.

You should have seen me in action! Mom and Dad were so impressed, they had probably forgotten how great I am at getting mice.

Unlike James Bond, I do not like to eat mice, just play with them. Darn mouse only played with me for about 3 minutes though and then he wouldn't move anymore. I continued to play with him though. I threw him into the air and then would hit him across the room like a baseball or throw him up and catch him in my mouth. It was really fun!

I must nap now. I will dream of other mice sneaking into the house to play with me.

- Lady Kanga

1 comment:

barkfoot said...

Some of those mice just don't have the stamina to play for long. It's a shame they get tired so soon and go sleepy...