Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Doggie - Coming Soon!

Some of you remember that months ago I was longing to adopt another dog.

After thinking about that a bit I realized that I couldn't risk doing that until my yard was totally fenced. Pooka showed up in our yard one day and never left. We don't have trouble keeping her from wandering down to route 66 where she could be hit by a car, but I can't depend on a new dog being the same.

So for those of you wondering why I never got another dog that is the answer. However, we are working to get our yard completely fenced so we can get more dogs/animals. We are hoping it will be done within a month. It is quite a bit more expensive than we had imagined, so we are trying to figure out how to get it done a bit more cheaply.

Sometime this summer we will hopefully be taking Pooka down to the animal humane place and letting her help us to pick a new dog!

A side note - both the dogs I was thinking about adopting few months ago were adopted so they are fine.

1 comment:

Crow said...

Right on! Glad those other dogs found homes.
Yep....fences are expensive.

Good luck!