Saturday, July 26, 2008


It is summer and the humans and the pets have been busy doing fun summer things, so that is why we haven't updated so much as normal.

The fence is progressing, but not yet entirely finished. Britton found a neighbor who needs some extra work to build it in his spare time and for far less than the fencing companies. The poles are all in, but they haven't begun attaching the fence to it yet. We also ordered a driveway gate that should be here next Wednesday. It is a really nice looking gate that we found on sale at a really great price.

We are leaving for a couple days in mid August. The thing I hate about vacations is leaving my pets behind. The cats I can leave here in the house, but poor Pooka has to go to the kennels and I always feel bad leaving her there.

I will try to update with some photos sometime soon!

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