Saturday, November 8, 2008

A blog post from James Bond

Hello all!

I had a lovely summer! Now it has started to get cold and I am spending more time inside on my people's laps. Although, I did go out last night and catch a yummy mouse. I knocked on the door and then when mom opened it I showed her my mouse. It wasn't playing anymore, but I threw it up in the air and batted it around, so she could see how awesome I am. She was very impressed.

I love our soon to be President Obama! He is black and white just like me, so I know he will be the best President ever. However, I think he should consider adopting a cat too. Little girls love kitty-kats and I am sure there will be plenty of room in the white house for a cat and dog.

I must get back to pretending to nap now.

Your feline friend,
James Bond

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