Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dogs in the Philippines

Truly dreadful things are happening in the Philippines where countless poor innocent dogs are suffering unspeakable pain and suffering to support a vile trade in dog meat.

Even though it is now illegal to capture and transport live dogs to sell in the meat markets of the Philippines, still it goes on. And still we catch the traders, prosecute them and save the dogs from an unimaginable death and suffering at the hands of these people.

Snatched from the streets, these poor creatures, some with their front legs forced behind their backs and bound with wire, their soft muzzles bound so tightly with twine they can barely breathe,are callously being crammed into a old rusty wire cage to be transported to the meat markets.

If they are lucky, they'll find themselves on the outer edges, where they will have a chance to get enough air to breathe. Others who are not so lucky will find themselves crushed in the middle, there to die a slow, lingering death by suffocation.
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