Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hunting for hate?

I just learned earlier today that one of the neighbors has been hunting deer with bows in my canyon. All the neighbors are pissed about it. We enjoy seeing the few deer that wander through the canyon. Those who called this person were told what he was doing was perfectly legal and to call the police -- which they did. The police didn't seem to do anything, but nobody knows what they said to this person. It isn't just one person either -- he invites his entire bow hunting group. It is my understanding that police have to actually catch someone doing this or they can't arrest them, but I am not sure.

Earlier I emailed NM Fish and Wildlife, which is the state agency in charge of hunting and poaching and that kind of thing. I am trying to figure out if it is legal and if it is how can I get that changed.

This has nothing to do with me hating hunters. There are many reasons why this should not be allowed in my canyon.

1. There is really only one small herd of deer that hang out here. In the past couple weeks their numbers seems to have dropped from 6 to 2.

2. There is not very much federal land in this small canyon, most of it is privately owned. I don't really think there is anywhere you could hunt that you wouldn't run the risk of an arrow ending up in someone's yard, pet or a person or child.

3. People like myself use the federal land for hiking and horseback riding. We don't need the worry of thinking that people are out there shooting arrows through the air.

4. Basically this is not a wilderness area -- it is a residential area.

Yes, I told NM Fish and Wildlife all of that. I also told them that if this is not a hunting area that I would be more than happy to purchase signs to post that let people know that fact.

If this is for some weird reason a hunting area, I will have to figure out how to legally have that changed.

Hopefully I will hear back from them soon so I can figure out what I need to do. I may not be able to get it done this hunting season, but hopefully by the next.

I really don't understand why these people would rather have the entire neighborhood hate them than to drive to one of the many public hunting areas in NM. I guess they are just lazy.


Regan Lee said...

Good for you Lesley for all the work you're doing to stop this. I don't get people who "hunt" like this; and the point about it being residential with kids, etc. is a good one too. Good luck.

barkfoot said...

Best of luck with this. Bow hunting has long since been banned in the UK due mainly to it's inaccurate nature. Deer hunting is only carried out by lisenced professionals with precision rifles ensuring a clean death.
If, and when I see a deer, I often try and take a shot as I've always got my camera with me!...