Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Doggie Update

Still coming up with a name for the new dog, but he is no longer a stray and is for certain the new dog. I am sure once we get to know him better we will come up with a name that suits him.

Now as I told you last night we left the garage open for him. I also put some food/water and a rug down for him to lay on. When we got up today he had moved the rug out of the garage and placed it in front of the door, where he apparently sleep last night even though it was cold out. How sweet is that?! Who could resist such love after only knowing us a couple hours? Of course, I was already in love with him last night when he jumped into my lap and tried to cuddle -- he doesn't seem to know how big he is. I also think it is cute that he has one brown and one blue eye.

As I told Britton the only way he and Pooka were going to become friends was by just letting Pooka out with him and letting them work it out. Britton was afraid Pooka would hurt him, but I knew she wouldn't. They did their biting, barking a growling for a bit, but as I told him they worked it out and are now on more friendly terms.

The cats are terrified of him. They are still hiding and he hasn't even been in the house yet. I am sure that will work out too though.

If I can get him to be still and let me I will take some new photos in a bit.


barkfoot said...

Doesn't look like you were going to get any choice in the matter, he'd already decided he was going to live with you from the start...

Crow said...

Hmmm. One brown eye and one ought to name him Bowie ;)
The cats will get used to him. Our cat was terrified of my dog Hank, but he got used to him and now they get along just fine. So happy for you and the dog.

Lesley said...

Yeah, I did think about Bowie or Ziggy and they are still in the running.