Thursday, December 11, 2008

More doggie stuff

I actually locked him in the garage tonight where I know he will be warm. He and Pooka are getting along OK, but not near perfect so I am not ready to let him in the house. It is Pooka who isn't totally getting along, he is doing fine. She did break the skin yesterday with one of her bites on him, but it isn't bad -- it wasn't gushing blood or anything. However, if we can't convince Pooka to like him he is going to have to go -- not to worry, we will make sure he is adopted. I am already attached to him so it would be really hard, but I can't have him being beaten up every day.

You can tell in the photo how skinny he is. I am not sure if that is because he hasn't been fed well or because he is maybe part greyhound. He hasn't seemed overly hungry since we got him, he eats but would rather be petted and hang out with people.

He may have a name (assuming Pooka can be convinced to be nice and we keep him) -- Phantom. He seems to appear out of nowhere. I go outside and look for him, can't find him and then suddenly he is standing right next to me.

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