Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Selling Dogs

So the other night on a show called The Paracast they were suppose to out a ufologist as being a fraud. Now I had thought they meant fraud in terms of lying about ufology case, forging UFO photos or something in some way related to ufology. However, as it turned out he had apparently sold puppies that he either did not actually have or something happened and for whatever reason he didn't give them to the people who paid for them, or give them a refund.

So yeah, that is fraud and wrong and most certainly those people should try to get back their money by taking him to court or whatever. Still, I can't bring myself to feel even a tiny bit sorry for these people.

There are certain people that need to buy dogs -- 1. People who show dogs (because they have to be purebred with papers). 2. People who are allergic or have children that are allergic to dogs and need a hypoallergenic dog may need to actually buy a dog. 3. Certain people who use working dogs -- for hunting, retrieving, herding and so on. Most dogs that do those jobs don't have to be purebred, but some people insist they are easier to train if they are.

People in those groups above are likely smart enough to find registered, reputable kennels to get their dogs from and willing to pay the going rate.

Everyone else aside from people in those groups should NOT be buying dogs. The thought of anyone not fitting into one of those groups buying a dog when hundreds if not thousands are killed in city pounds on a daily basis makes me sick.

Besides which, there are plenty of local groups that rescue purebred dogs and give them away to good homes. We have several such rescue groups here for Huskies, Greyhounds, Collies and so on. Even last time I was at the local animal humane shelter there was a purebred Egyptian Pharaoh dog, a Border Collie and lot of other purebreds that people had to get rid of for whatever reason and could have been picked up for under $100, just enough to cover shots and spay or neutering.

So yeah, selling dogs you don't have is wrong, but so is buying dogs when thousands are being put to death at local shelters.


Regan Lee said...

Excellent points Lesley. What kind of person buys a dog that way? You can buy dogs at shelters, etc. not via puppy mills or mail order, for crying out loud.

barkfoot said...

Our local dogs home has had record numbers of abandoned animals lately. They think it is caused by the economic slump. Hopefully more people will have the sense to buy one of these friendly soles rather than worsening the situation by buying newly bred.