Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There's a new guy in the yard

As many visitors to this blog know we have been planning to add a new dog to our family since last summer. First we had to put a fence up. Then we had to find and seal all the places that Pooka was managing to get out from. Recently we found out we will have to go to Seattle next month and so we decided to put it off again until we got back.

I think fate has decided not to allow that.

We went to the video store last night around 9 pm. We took Pooka with us and left the gate open since we were coming right back. When we got home and out of the car Britton told me not to let Pooka out because there was a dog there.

At first seeing a collar on the dog's neck made me think it must be a neighbor's dog. After looking it over a bit more I decided it had likely been dumped off somewhere around here because it is too skinny and had no desire to leave us.

He is a very friendly and smart guy. For tonight I have left the garage open for him, there is a heater in there if he gets cold. I don't want to let him in the house just yet, although he really wants to come inside with us, but Pooka is not entirely sure about him and growls and tries to lunge at him. Also, there are the cats that he might need to get used to before being allowed in while we are sleeping. Hopefully later today he and Pooka will become properly acquainted and friends. I will also try to get him to a vet so someone can look him over and make sure he is healthy and give him some shots.

He howls like a wolf, only not quite so loud. I think he is likely still a puppy and not even a year old, though as you can tell by that photo of him looking in the window he is already fairly large. Unlike Pooka, I don't think he was mistreated by people before wandering into the yard. Pooka was nervous and afraid of us at first and he isn't at all. Also, I noticed when I fed him I dropped something that made a crash noise and he didn't even jump at all -- things like that still scare Pooka a bit.

I should try to get to sleep so I can get things taken care of later today. Wish me luck!


Regan Lee said...

What a sweet looking baby! Good luck!

Crow said...

Good luck Lesley. Looks like the doggy lucked out.

Lesley said...

He and Pooka are now playing happily. I told Britton we had to just let Pooka out there and let them work it out, but both of us were too tired and it was too dark to watch what was going on last night.

He is so sweet and smart! I will write more about him tonight.