Friday, March 13, 2009

House rejects mandate on dog owners

What a stupid law. I am glad it didn't pass! You can't pick out certain breeds, that is ridiculous. It isn't the breed, it is the owner. Even then it isn't necessarily that they mistreat their dogs, just that they don't teach boundaries or don't know to -- believe me, I know of what I speak. You have to teach a dog that kind of behavior is wrong which is hard to do if the right circumstance doesn't present itself very often. However, otherwise they don't know not to snap at a stranger that gets too close to their food bowl and it just isn't their fault that they don't know that and it has nothing to do with what breed they are.
SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) - The House has rejected a proposal that would have required owners of dangerous dogs to obtain liability insurance to cover damages or injuries caused by the animals.

The legislation would have updated a law enacted in 2005 to protect New Mexicans from dogs determined to be dangerous or potentially dangerous.

Opponents objected to a proposal that would have forced owners of dangerous dogs to have $100,000 worth of liability insurance. They expressed doubts that some owners would buy the insurance coverage.

Supporters said dog owners should be held liable for the actions of their animals.

Republican Representative Kathy McCoy of Cedar Crest said the legislation would send a message to irresponsible animal owners that they must take responsibility for dangerous dogs.

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