Saturday, July 18, 2009

Post by Kanga

This is the last photo my mom took of me and James Bond together. I miss him so much! I am not sure exactly what happened to him, but I know he is gone and it had something to do with a Bobcat. I don't think there is any cat that I can't take, but if it got my big brother, maybe I am wrong because he was as tough as I am. I know my peeps are afraid to let me out so I have been good and not begging to go out. I have been sad and like sleep close to Mr. B's stuff. Everyone is extra nice to me, but that doesn't keep me from missing him. I know that mom, dad and Pooka miss him as much as I do. It is very hard, but with love we will all get through it.

Good bye my friend! I miss your kisses, cleaning my head and ears, when we used to play chase and just hanging out. I will not forget you!

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barkfoot said...

You look after yourself Kanga, and make sure you steer clear of that nasty Bobcat.