Saturday, August 22, 2009

My new man!

The top photo was taken by PACA. I haven't been able to get a good photo yet because he is too busy exploring to hold still. His name is Khan (I probably won't change it) and he is almost 4 years old. You can't tell from the photos but he has beautiful blue eyes. He is unlike any cat I have ever brought home. First, it was like he knew that he was suppose to go home with me, he walked right into the crate when it was time to leave the shelter. The lady that helped with the adoption told me that she had never seen a cat do that. They normally hide for at least two days when you get them home, but he immediately started exploring the house. He had never been around a dog, but seems perfectly OK with Pooka. He is happy in the same room as her, but keeps a bit of distance and a watchful eye.

Kanga hasn't decided if he is safe yet, but she is very curious and watching his every move. He is trying hard to make friends with her, but so far she hisses if he gets too close. May take a day or two for her to totally warm up to him, but I am sure she will.

He is just the friendliest little guy! I am so happy that I found him after my disappointment with not being allowed to adopt that other cat earlier in the week because I had a dog. So probably that happened for a reason and this was the cat I was actually suppose to have.


Regan Lee said...

Congratulations Lesley. He is beautiful! It does seem you were meant to be together. . . I'm happy for you!

Sam said...

Awww...look at that face. Congrats Lesley!

Atrueoriginall said...

Awwwww, soooo cute. I'm glad you opted for another cat and that one is beautiful.

The excitement of it all, waking up to the cat again. Or is that, the cat waking you up for the cat. :) Have fun with it.