Saturday, August 15, 2009

New friend soon!

However much I am still in fear of getting another cat because of the bobcat, it seems I have no choice.

Kanga is missing James Bond entirely too much still. She cries at her food bowl way too much. It isn't because she is hungry, most times she has just eaten. You see, she used to call him to dinner that way and he would come and lick her head and clean her ears while I was getting the food. She tries to get Pooka to substitute for Bond, but Pooka knows nothing about licking and cleaning her ears and she bugs Pooka so much that I am afraid she is eventually going to get bit. So far though, Pooka has been very patient with her.

So I am thinking Monday I will head down to Animal Humane and get a cat. I have come up with a few requirements that hopefully will make it easier for me to choose. It has to be a male cat (the pets are missing that male energy), can't be declawed, I would also like it to not be a kitten and maybe an older cat close to Kanga's age (Kanga is almost 8), like Bond was. I am also hoping to get an indoor cat, one that is not used to going out at all because I still really worry about the bobcat.

I am hoping that aside from helping Kanga it will help the rest of us to heal too. I still can't walk by his grave without crying and it has been over a month. Britton also still obsesses over it, obviously Kanga and even Pooka obviously misses him, he was part of her dog pack even though he was a cat. Pooka won't go near the spot where she found him, it seems to really upset her.

So hopefully Monday we will all have a new friend!

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