Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No new cat friend yet

Last Friday or Saturday night I browsed the local animal humane website in search of a new companion for Kanga and all of us. There was only one that really fit what I was looking for. He was male, 5 1/2 years old and in many ways just so perfect to replace the male energy that was lost with James Bond. All the rest of the cats on the site were way younger than I was looking for, mostly kittens. Not that I have anything against kittens, but I am just not sure a kitten would be the best type of friend for Kanga who will be 8 years next month.

So earlier today I went to meet and adopt him, assuming that all went well. All did go well (to a point), even though the site said he was shy, he warmed right up to me. If fact, the moment he saw me he came to his cage door and wanted petted -- he was the only cat that did that. I was instantly in love and ready to take him home until I mentioned that I had a dog. Apparently one of the workers walked a dog by his cage and he hissed at it and therefore he is not allowed to be adopted by someone with a dog. So I came home empty handed and heart broken.

Maybe I am crazy, but isn't that natural for cats to not like dogs right way? I know that when we got Bond he was terrified of Pooka for probably a week or two, but after that he got over it and they became really good friends. It seems to me that only a stupid cat would like a dog right away without knowing it.

I have some mixed feelings because I know they are trying to adopt pets to the best homes for them so they don't end up coming back, but at the same time a cat not liking a dog seems totally normal to me.

Still upset about it (big baby me even cried) and I did email telling them to please consider me if they for some reason can't find that cat a home.

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