Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My new friend -- by Kanga

Although I still miss my friend James Bond - I love my new friend Khan! Since he isn't allowed outside I get to spend much more time with him and we are already very good friends. He also has learned about how I need to have my ears cleaned and head rubbed right before dinner! I didn't think anyone could replace James Bond, but he is totally awesome!

He had to learn some things though. Like we don't share food bowls here, everyone has their own. Pooka is not a giant cat and you CAN'T share her food bowl ever! He has handled all his learning well and is now part of the family.

I think he sucks up to mom and especially dad a bit too much, but whatever. He is always laying on their silk comforter like it is his. Though, he is a baby, only four years old, so I overlook these things as much as possible. I try to instruct him on how things are suppose to be, but he doesn't always listen. That is how children are, sometimes they just have to find out for themselves -- like about Pooka not sharing her food.

Overall though, he is very smart and fun to hang out with. James Bond was like a really cool older brother that didn't let me spend much time with him, but Khan is a little brother who looks up to me and that is fun and different.

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